In sustainable construction materials research, the MIRACLE project has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation. A recent highlight from this initiative was the recognition of Jozef Janovec’s research, which earned him the prestigious CECAM Poster Prize. The awarding of the CECAM Poster Prize is a testament to the innovative nature and potential impact of research within the scientific community. This accolade also underscores the MIRACLE project’s role in fostering cutting-edge research that can lead to tangible environmental benefits

Jozef is currently a PhD student in “Electronic Excitations in Surfaces and Nanostructures” group of CFM – Materials Physics Center. Jozef Janovec’s poster, titled “Ab initio Study of Optical Properties for the Design of Photonic Metaconcrete – from Simple Oxides to Cement,” presents a detailed analysis of the optical characteristics essential for designing advanced concrete materials.

This research focuses on how different simple oxides contribute to the overall effectiveness of photonic metaconcrete, aiming to optimize its design for practical applications. Janovec’s study highlights the potential of photonic metaconcrete to significantly impact energy savings and sustainability in construction. By manipulating the optical properties of simple oxides, his research suggests that it is possible to enhance the material’s ability to reflect solar radiation while maximizing thermal radiation emission through the atmospheric window. This dual capability could lead to buildings that naturally maintain cooler temperatures, reducing the need for air conditioning.

Jozef Janovec’s contribution to the MIRACLE project and his recognition at the CECAM event are shining examples of how targeted research and collaboration can lead to significant advancements in material science and environmental sustainability. As the MIRACLE project continues to develop, it remains a beacon of innovation in the quest for more sustainable and efficient building materials.