On Thursday, March 7, 2024, the National Spanish Association of Ready-Mixed Concrete Manufacturers (ANEFHOP) held its Euskadi Assembly in Donostia. NEFHOP is the leading national trade association representing the interests of ready-mixed concrete manufacturers in Spain with over 300 member companies and affiliated businesses, promoting the industry’s technical excellence, sustainability, and regulatory compliance

The highlight of the assembly was a presentation by Dr. Jorge S. Dolado, researcher at the Materials Physics Center (CFM) CSIC-UPV/EHU in Donostia, titled “Concrete and the Energy Challenge“. Dr. Dolado leads the MIRACLE project, which aims to develop innovative photonic meta-concrete materials with passive radiative cooling properties to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. 

Buildings are a major contributor to global energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. By reflecting heat back into space, the advanced concrete materials being developed in MIRACLE could significantly reduce the need for energy-intensive air conditioning. . The project, funded by a €3 million grant from the European Commission, involves many partners from different countries. Dr. Dolado’s participation in the ANEFHOP assembly underscores the relevance of the MIRACLE project’s research to the concrete industry. As a leading expert in cement and concrete materials science, his insights on the role of innovative concrete technologies in addressing energy challenges are highly valuable.


The ANEFHOP event provided an excellent forum for MIRACLE to engage with concrete manufacturers and promote the adoption of cutting-edge sustainable building materials to help meet the industry’s decarbonization goals.