Impulsa-T is an entrepreneurship program launched by the CSIC in 2023 to help develop business ideas. The Impulsa-T program by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) is providing funding to top 10 technology projects to help them commercialize their technologies through new knowledge-based companies.

Photonic MetaConcrete aims to develop concrete with daytime radiative cooling capability for energy-efficient buildings. This aligns with growing global interest in radiative cooling solutions to tackle climate change and reduce electricity usage.

Photonic materials like the Photonic Meta-Concrete (PMC) under development have immense potential to address global mega trends and sustainability challenges. PMC offers radiative cooling capability to reduce electricity usage for air conditioning, which currently accounts for 10% of global energy consumption and 7% of greenhouse gas emissions

This aligns with macro trends around net zero emissions, climate change mitigation, and the need for energy-efficient technologies. As cities grapple with urban heat island effects, materials like PMC can transform building design and construction practices. PMC also represents a novel application of photonics to a ubiquitous material like concrete at scale.

More broadly, embedding smart photonic properties into conventional materials is an impactful innovation strategy. It taps into global demand for functional and sustainable solutions across sectors like energy, infrastructure, transportation etc. Photonic concrete is just one example demonstrating how next-gen materials can merge photonics, sustainability and widespread real-world utility.

Advances in nanophotonics and metamaterials are unlocking unique optical, thermal and other characteristics difficult to attain conventionally. This expands the design possibilities and performance envelope for materials across applications.

“By reinventing concrete to function as an optical metamaterial, it can dissipate heat to outer space” explains project leader Dr. Jorge S. Dolado of CFM-CSIC and MIRACLE Coordinator